Tuesday, 30 November 2010

same old same old yuk

" where are my legs"
outside the kitchen door
what more can I say cheesed off thats what about 8ins and counting this was early morn and now its snowing again yuk


  1. Just as you thought it was geting better, and there's more on it's way apparently. OH NO !! xoxox Ann

  2. Ike and Alfie have been charging round in it, they love it. You could build a snowman with all that. See you soon. Love Lynne xx

  3. Great pics for scraping, 1st snow in new house, perhaps x

  4. Dusty hates it!!! Have to give a big push to get her out!!!! lol

    great scrapbook pages. Love Chanelle xx

  5. Deep up our end isn't it. Love it, Oscar and Chester roll round in it. I've got to walk to work tommorow, so I proberly won't love it tommorow. Love Sandra x