Friday, 12 July 2013

Tilly in blue!!............. by a shattered grandma

 I'm trying to use up bits of papers but when will I learn to colour when I've chosen the papers It would make life easier lol
Anyway I digress a new saturated canary stamp "Tilly" coloured with markers and I used the stamp packet for inspiration well nearly copied fully actually when you look at it, don't you just lurve these stamps, matching flowers with button centres papers from a K&Co pad and there you have it done xx
Anyway I'm off to bed I am totally shattered after my week at Sara and James's helping out with Rupert, well cuddling and totally drooling over him to be truthful. Here he is fast asleep on grandmas shoulder
                                                          X        Well wouldn't you      X

Monday, 24 June 2013

the new arrival at last!!!!! xxxxx

 At long last Rupert Forbes James Hazeldine has arrived not without a bit of trouble but heyho that's just like a boy lol hes in his pea basket (or car seat as its really known as) arriving home from hosp
I have been to see him and he is the most gorgeous baby here is mum holding him
and here on dads knee

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The bride was beautiful

An absolutely fabulous day and the weather was unbelievable compared to Friday. The whole day was great, everything was so perfect, really really perfect the venue is gorgeous. To anybody in Sheffield who is thinking of getting married in Ecclesall woods my advice is DO IT!!!! It is worth it
                                                        A guest of honour in his finery

Alicia outside the camper van that took us to Ecclesall woods and then took her and Joe to the Fox and Goose near Barlow (another great venue) where we had a hog roast (yummy) 
All three of my beautiful girls a very tall and sophisticated looking Holly thanks partly to a pair of six inch heels, a very beautiful and happy bride and a very pregnant Sara just three weeks off giving birth to her little bundle. I was so glad we have got to the end of the weekend without her giving birth lol she's gone home now so that is a midwifery godsend  I must say I'll be surprised if she goes three weeks but you never know

Sunday, 19 May 2013

I have been sewing!!!

Today I decided to start a bedspread for the bed to match the curtains I had a nice lady make a few years ago I was going to do it when the curtains had been made but I just love sewing (not)!! so like many things in my life I packed away the leftover material and pushed it to the back of the wardrobe lol
When Alicia said she wanted to get ready for her wedding day from my house and that the photographer would be taking piccys I thought OMG I need to decorate which I did and then yesterday I thought sort that bedspread out so with 6 days to go I have started it!!

 I have even matched flowers on the seems and am showing two of them so you know its not a fluke lol
 So all I have to do now is buy lining because I cant find ALL the yards and yards of lining I had left over, must have misplaced it in the move and get it finished before saturday lunch time NO PRESSURE THEN ha ha I'll be back to show the finished thingy in all its glory xx

Thursday, 9 May 2013


 These are two of the roses mum and I made with the melt pot and some truly ancient  thick embossing powder which we had not used, like that NEVER happens lol
The first is a beautiful black sparkly one and the second is actually pink the mould we used was one from Chloe's creative cards that I bought when we were at a show and was told "you will never use that" like mothers do then decide they love it and want one themselves isn't it fabulous but I cant find them on her website (boo hiss) and I NEED MORE OF THEM ALL DIFFERENT SHAPES!!!!! 
This is addictive pouring the melted powder into the mould then tipping it out love it and even more gratifying is cracking off the excess off the spatula ha ha xx

Monday, 6 May 2013

what a star

Link has been to Graves Park today with Lissy and Joe. They entered him in the veteran's class dog show!! AND HE CAME SECOND!!!!!
                    Wayhey Linky Loo GO GO Linky,even with his missing eye which is why he is now known as Winky Linky Loo ha ha I know you shouldn't knock the afflicted but he does ask for it, he really does.
So the moral of the tale is .......BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER...........
      and his mummy coz to me he is handsome whether two eyes or one eye xx 

Monday, 15 April 2013


 Went to craftden Sheffield yesterday for an Andy Skinner workshop it was brilliant Andy was so generous with his skills and SO patient  Thanks to Lynne for arranging it.
 This book we did with a secret drawer is fabulous SO Gothic!!!!
 Crackle glaze is my new favourite craft tool closely followed by ..........
embossing paste and stencils which I have to invest in NOW this minute NOW NOW NOW.
 So now I'm off to see what else I can crackle !!  lol  

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A great day with Hels

I had a full day at craftden Sheffield yesterday and it was an altered mirror with Hels Sheridan I loved it. We used the melt pot (Ooooo scary) and made some super famous roses just love these.
 The papers are prima I love these and the butterflies are so cute I love these the little dots are embossing paste I love this stuff.............. AS YOU CAN SEE I LOVED IT ALL ha ha
I came home and stuck the embellies on and as I was really into it I added little tiny clock fingers to the butterflies.
                   Thank you everyone it was a great day roll on July for the next one xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

WHAT ON EARTH !!!!!!!!

Well I don't know about you but I'm sick of this weather now. This was what greeted me this morning. Link went out for a wee and disappeared the shock on his little face bless him it was funny though.
 My brother kindly offered to take me to work and we got nearly there and then had to turn back the roads were appalling they had been gritted but the amount of snow was just too much.
 SO I'm going to finish tidying the craft room its only taken me most of my evenings this week lol WHY OH WHY do we save tinsy winsy stupidly small pieces of paper IN CASE WE NEED IT NO NO NO THROW IT AWAY IT REALLY IS NO USE!!!!!!!!!!!  :-) x   

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Add flowers or not??

 A saturated canary stamp "Nevaeh" love this little lady soooo easy to colour and boy I wish I had hair like this!!!!
No flowers not sure whether I should add some does it look a bit bare I may alter that.The postcard stamp is a portabello road papermania stamp and then stamped with a LOTV sentiment stamp and the gorgeous Tilda (not magnolia Tilda the other Tilda) papers are from a pad that I've only just started to use honestly so many stroking papers its RIDICULOUS for goodness sake use them :-)  xxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

sending love

Another magnolia card this time coloured with pencils for a change                                                         
 K&Co papers and prima flowers with a lily of the valley sentiment. just a quick post as I'm decorating the bedroom only taken me 2 and a  half years to get round to it but its well on its way now, thought when Lissy said can she get ready and go to her wedding from my house CRUMBS better get a move on lol
Nothing like a  picture session in the bedroom to concentrate the mind eh!!!!!!! AND it made me get that AWFUL light fitting down, the same one that was coming down the first day I moved in and was still there (tut tut), but its gone now thank the lord.
Anyway I digress as usual, better get back to my paint roller mmmm perhaps I'll just have cuppa first xxx  

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

an oldie but a cutie x

This Tilda is one of my older ones but I do love her as you can see she has wings which Tilda's don't have now and usually I'd glitter them but I forgot!!
I love these K&Co papers too they are  part of the stroking stash lol but I'm trying to use ALL my papers my mantra at the mo is "no more papers no more papers"  :-)
The enormous jewel is from a pair of sandals that broke....... hey waste not want not!!
thiss time I coloured with promarkers. Thanks for looking xx

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Another Saturated Canary card

Here's another saturated canary card terrible pic the light was fading fast and I had no battery on my camera so had to use my phone.
First edition papers (no idea which one) and Vampire Rose S.C stamp, Lily of the Valley grungy sentiment and a few roses thrown in lol xx        

Thursday, 24 January 2013

a new obsession i hope not!!

Ive uploaded this card I would like to thank craftden Lynne for her instruction on how to do it coz this new blogger thing confuses me (as anything does that's new lol )
  And I think I have a small new obsession coming on with saturated canary mind you they are not very good pics shadows and all sorts of photographic mistakes lol its the time of year
 Don't you lurve this grown up image even her name Blanche is grown up (unless you think of corri street's Blanche!!)
I coloured all sorts of images last week as I stayed B&B at my mums so I could get to work Friday and Saturday that's what comes of living high up and down a steep cul-de-sac you cant get the car out ha ha it was a great excuse to just sit and colour though very chillaxin loved it colouring in front of a roaring real fire mmmm bliss meals cooked great. Blanche is coloured with copics and the papers are from an old first edition range and the lilac lace is from and aunts stash from the '70s some things always come in x