Monday, 27 December 2010

a double page

This is a double page spread from Sara and James's book they loved it and at one point there was even a tear in the eye, hay ho happy memories of a brilliant day and entertaining speeches too Sara's dad was quite funny actually as you can tell from Sara's face.
I hope everyone has had a great Christmas we have and we all have eaten far too much of course and I shall look like a quality street. Ill work on that later lol
Delilah has grown still a maniac at the side of my little grumpy old man(that's the dog) he is not impressed, they went back this morning sob, sob, miss Sara terribly, well, miss them all but the other two are in Sheffield so that is not so bad so to cheer myself up I started to tidy up the craft room after the marathon scrapbookathon I don't know about anyone else I am sick of Chrimbo cards I thought I may start next years but just couldn't face it lol.I have taken some more pics of other pages and will show them later bye for now xx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

C is for "crumbs will I get it done!!!!"Anything goes challenge

C is for crumbs as in will I get the book for Sara and James done in time, actually yes I will, no probs (bravado there). I got six pages done on Sun and Mon so three more to go and I know what I'm doing for them I have enjoyed doing it and I hope they like it
Everything I have used is from the It has racked my brain to think of different things for each page or pair of pages as some are double pages more pics to follow after Christmas when they have seen it.
merry Christmas and a happy new year to all and thanks for all your comments xx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Two I forgot

Two magnolia cards I forgot the first is done with prismas and the second is copics they were the last when I was marooned needless to say Ive not done any since lol I HAVE GOT TO DO SARA'S SCRAPBOOK no more cards just the scrapbook.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

anything goes challenge 28..all the colours of the rainbow

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain or in this case Barn door, Spiced marmalade, Mustard seed, Peeled paint, Faded jeans, Chipped sapphire and last but not least Dusty concord. Then Tim's Christmas stamps stamped with archival ink and loads of rainbow ribbons everything available at I have to say this has really challenged me but actually I like them and enjoyed doing them change is as good as a rest as they say.
Work went well, knew it would really. Took Link out when I got back we were only out 5 mins and he got freezy cramp (as I call it) in his paws and you cant stand on two paws not even my linky as clever as he is so I had to carry him home Good job hes only small felt a right prawn carrying him and slipping and sliding home lolx

Monday, 6 December 2010

getting to the last ones

Another couple of cards this one I started at Lynne's class a couple of weeks ago, I was supposed to be going last Saturday but guess why it was cancelled...SNOW argggg
This one is an easel card made with the gcd papers I love these so rich and christmasy I think I am just about finished and carded out done a couple more today but I'm afraid Ive got to get back to work tomorrow feel a bit nervous actually not sure why probs got a bit of agoraphobia just want to keep warm.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

"Next please "

Oh the sun is shining the snow is melting (I hope) what a beautiful day amazing how different it feels today.
A magnolia card, BO bunny pink card cut the name off and I never looked what it was sorry but its available along with everything else except the sentiment from mounted on plain purple card copic pens used organza ribbon and white flowers cosmic shimmered, the tree and Tilda's coat has been stickled to death and the sentiment is lotv just love these so versatile x

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I am free wayhay

I am free! I got the car out and got to Tescos mind you I didn't know there was a war on or it was Christmas eve or the end of civilization had come or even Tescos was closing down I need a brandy crikey it was mad, cars abandoned car park full and I mean full, sooo many people and then when I got back the men on the road had cleared it all completely all the snow gone. Then Dianne from next door and I cleared the drive and the car is on there now. People on here are so lovely I have never known such community spirit ohhh such an exciting day!!!!!!!!
Here is my first magnolia card for a while not a good pic but the light is rubbish but you get the gist going to have a brandy now not used to this excitement lolxx

Friday, 3 December 2010

next and final one today!!

The picture is atrocious but this is last one today showing magnolias tomorrow.
On a serious note sending love and get well messages to Ann aka who is not well at all again take care and keep warm.
If that snow comes from the west tonight I think it will tip me over the edge I will start mumbling and dribbling not a good look when you get to my dodgy age and on that note Im off to colour a magnolia xx

2 in one day

Twice in one day never been known infact it could be 3 in one day. Been up the road hmm interesting we will leave it at that x

lotv card

Very apt for now. yesterday was a Lilly of the valley day, today is going to be a magnolia day still snowed in getting a bit panicky actually got a headache like nothing on earth so after lunch going to see how the car is faring up on the top road not seen it since Monday night and also see if I can get off the estate and go shopping coz if I see or have to have another tin of tomato soup I shall be orange, bright tango orange, I NEED chocolate mmmmmmmmmm O,O, just thought maybe thats why my head hurts doh x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hollys birthday card( with inside added)

Its Holly's birthday on the 9Th of DEC so as I am incarcerated in a what feels like prison a very warm and comfy prison but a prison all the same I thought I would get ahead of myself so here is Holly's card a beautiful lotv image and sentiment, bo bunny papers and flowers from which I glimmer misted with starfish a couple of times to get the red that matches the hearts on the paper, I think the bow maybe a bit large I just need to mount it on a card and seeing as I have SOOOO much time at the mo I may decorate the inside.
Its snowing again here in Norton Lees I am so glad my building can't start till Feb ho ho can you imagine if it had started now as I wanted, ohhh doesn't bare thinking about lol
This morning I dug a path for his majesty down to the garden for him to do his business he's very particular where he does it looks as though I may need to do it again later lol
I'm getting back to finish the card for Holls now and make some quick cards for work, when I can get back there of course. Lissy set out walking again to work but has had to turn back as its treacherous and she fell its not worth breaking a limb for!!! x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

todays snow update lol

Link went out this morning and spent several mins "swimming"Can you just see the snow sloping behind the rail you should see the telephone wires

This is the decking, I'm not going out. Joe cleared a bit for link but he wasn't having it, he followed Joe to the front of the house and did a poo in lovely deep clean snow then Joe had to get it up before link jumped in it, it was funny but maybe you had to be there lol

The red cross parcel arrived before this happened earlier courtesy of Joe and Lissy thanks for the bread you guys

this is the road outside. "where?" that's what I thought and I'm not getting any crafting done I'm spending all my time looking at the blooming snow its becoming an obsession.Ooh its coming down again.