Wednesday, 22 December 2010

C is for "crumbs will I get it done!!!!"Anything goes challenge

C is for crumbs as in will I get the book for Sara and James done in time, actually yes I will, no probs (bravado there). I got six pages done on Sun and Mon so three more to go and I know what I'm doing for them I have enjoyed doing it and I hope they like it
Everything I have used is from the It has racked my brain to think of different things for each page or pair of pages as some are double pages more pics to follow after Christmas when they have seen it.
merry Christmas and a happy new year to all and thanks for all your comments xx


  1. Looks fab Sue they will adore it, it looks so elegant can't wait to see more!!

    Hope you all have a great Christmas and please give my love to Mo. Love Chanelle xx

  2. Stunning, she is going to love it and cherish it forever.... yea I know you'll get it done xoxox ~Ann

  3. Yes Sue they are gorgeous pages and I am sure it will be stunning when it is

  4. Wow Sue, I'm sure that they will love it. I can't wait until you post a few more pic's and well done you for getting it finished. Have a wonderful Christmas

  5. You'll do it! Lovely pages, she will cherish it I am sure. Is that a little peak of your outfit I can see, you looked lovely! Have a lovely Christmas, Kx