Sunday, 28 June 2009


Do you ever wish you had never started something, why do I always start decorating when its BOILING HOT. Holly and I have started stripping the front room and I wish we had never started I'd forgotten the walls are a dark green funny plaster underneath, why?Post world war 1 builders had no style.
so all this means I cannot craft I have to finish this century or this millennium, mind you I will be at craft den wed and Thurs night
Normal service will resume next

Friday, 26 June 2009

This weeks craft den scrap page from last night. When I started I wasn't sure about the paper no plain bazzil no printed flowers just spots which I picked but I had to go with some flowers!!
I love it. The woodware flowers are beautiful I shall have to have every shade, compulsive can't have one of anything whether its flowers, stickles, nestabilities, copics, Martha Stewart punches, OH MY ..........the list is endless and all available from http/

Sunday, 14 June 2009


right folks mo's update : mum and dad called in on way home she has to go back tomorrow morning for some metal work doing, under general anasthetic. she was chipper in herself especially when she had been fed and watered are pics with tempory pot on.
Oh the foots up on a cushion coz thats sore and battered too not to mention 5 blisters!!!!!!!
I think she has been really brave because the most upset she got was when she realized her crafting exploits were under threat but i'm sure we'll manage somehow.
can I just say thanks for all the love everyone has sent and she is still laughing xxxxx


we did it. we made it.1hr 15 min's
This is my lot inc mum and myself before we set off it was boiling hot but we had water etc.
Mum halfway through IN FRONT.Then we got to near the end and were saying how easy it had been Boldhow well mum( or mo as her friends call her )had done with her new hip and SMASH she went down on the pavement oh my lord I thought she'd broken that hip she got up but nearly fainted first aiders came to see her "I'm fine lets go I want to finish she kept saying" the ambulance men said she'd broken her wrist but if she really wanted to carry on she could so we did and now she's at the northern general and we are waiting for a call from my dad!!!!!that's why on 1st photo no sling and last one a sling

Saturday, 13 June 2009

LINKY LOO and home made embellishments!

This is Thurs nights scrap class page. Its a picture of my baby(hope not, he's terribly hairy) link, stupid name for a dog but its what he came with and I thought we couldn't change it' but he answers to anything really, especially when hes been naughty his name can be anything but link.
the girls call him linky and linky loo he has no street cred what so ever and sometimes gets beaten up by the BIG dogs in the park if the girls put his jacket on, mind you they haven;t dressed him up for ages,which is good because he can be a bit GIRLIE. lol
the first pic has a tiny pic of liss and link done as a flower with the 2in and 1.5in scallop punches as always I like these flowers and can feel an obsession coming on. Bo bunny papers too.
race for life tomorrow better see if my trousers fit. Pictures to be posted tomorrow if I dont get heat stroke(being dramatic again)lol

Friday, 5 June 2009

craft den scrap class

last nights scrap class was as usual very enjoyable. we did a page using bo bunny papers love shack and dotted Swiss bazzil card stock, I just love these two colours together it brightens what is now a cold rainy afternoon in Sheffield brrrr.

This is my page with two pics of holly one in a sunhat at about age 3 and one in her spectacular shower cap earlier this year! I also learnt how to do the distressed flowers very avant-garde for me felt a bit nervous about screwing up the paper!!!!! but i like the result a craft den special as Kathryn calls it:)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Cemaes Bay 1965

This is the page I did at craft den on Thurs night it was all about tags pockets and flaps. I love the hidden picture with my brother Ian and his mardy face. He had that face all holiday well perhaps not all holiday but most of it. A few days after we got home he got mumps and then gave it to me.That's my brother generous when its something you wouldn't want!!!Anyhow I've gone off at a tangent again I do it all the time.The journaling has not been done yet,but a great time was had by all as always at craftden its a really good class lots of laughs, fun,coffee tea and biscuits a great welcome is asured

Monday, 1 June 2009

little pressy from dad

I've been asking my very capable dad for weeks to make me a small easel so I can (supposedly) take better piccys of my work. yesterday I got a phone call to fetch it and here it is I love it soooooooo professional, the only thing was SOMEHOW he burnt out the motor on his type of saw thingy machine:( I do need to get out more :).
The only thing to do now is take some pics of the page I did at on thurs so when i've done that I'll show them on my new easel. be back soon x