Sunday, 25 April 2010

the shed door

As all my craft den friends know the only thing so far that has made me emotional about this move is.................. leaving the shed door!!! WHY? because the girls had so much fun painting the door with their names like calamity Jane and Kate in calamity Jane one of their all time favs along with seven brides for seven brothers. Sara came up this weekend so I grabbed them for some piccys because all being well and IF everything goes to plan we hand over the keys on Thurs. I'm moving in with mum and dad for a while till the house that I want goes through, nearly forty nine (sounds better than nearly fifty) and moving back with your parents poor them but I cannot thank them enough as they are storing everything and I mean everything, boxes, youngest child, dog, furniture and me AND ALL MY CRAFT STUFF!!! x I'll be back later will a few pics of Sara's hen day busy busy that's me but I haven't lost weight worst luck lol xx