Friday, 3 December 2010

lotv card

Very apt for now. yesterday was a Lilly of the valley day, today is going to be a magnolia day still snowed in getting a bit panicky actually got a headache like nothing on earth so after lunch going to see how the car is faring up on the top road not seen it since Monday night and also see if I can get off the estate and go shopping coz if I see or have to have another tin of tomato soup I shall be orange, bright tango orange, I NEED chocolate mmmmmmmmmm O,O, just thought maybe thats why my head hurts doh x


  1. Hi Sue, love the card, its cute. Yes I know just what you mean about the snow. I went out in it yesterday for the first time in a week for a short walk with hubby and the dog. Its really bad isnt it? I live not far from you in Darlington, so guessing its similar throughout these parts. Hope you get your car out soon.
    Hugs June xxxx

  2. Great card Sue. Best of luck with getting out everything is frozen solid around

  3. Definitely withdrawal symptoms, I know the feeling.
    Hope you find your car. Beautiful card, think I need to start on Xmas cards now.
    Pat xx

  4. Lovely card Sue, I love the LOTV stamps, I've ordered the xmas set, but it not arrived yet.
    I know what you mean about not being able to go anywhere, usually once you can get to the main road, you be ok,but i'm afraid it's just getting to it... we need a snowplough.. xoxox Ann

  5. Fab card Sue, I love the cute image. I can't believe how much snow you have got up there. Hope you manage to get some chocolate, have a good weekend

  6. Love the card, the LOTV stamps are so sweet. Hope your headache is better. Chocolate does give you headache, but what the hell it's worth it. Love Sandra x