Saturday, 23 March 2013

WHAT ON EARTH !!!!!!!!

Well I don't know about you but I'm sick of this weather now. This was what greeted me this morning. Link went out for a wee and disappeared the shock on his little face bless him it was funny though.
 My brother kindly offered to take me to work and we got nearly there and then had to turn back the roads were appalling they had been gritted but the amount of snow was just too much.
 SO I'm going to finish tidying the craft room its only taken me most of my evenings this week lol WHY OH WHY do we save tinsy winsy stupidly small pieces of paper IN CASE WE NEED IT NO NO NO THROW IT AWAY IT REALLY IS NO USE!!!!!!!!!!!  :-) x   


  1. But the minute you throw it away you need it, I think we're all the same. Fed up with snow now, got sewing machine out and can't be bothered, so going to watch a DVD xx

  2. I'm fed up with it too I was going to Preview day at AFTH in Harrogate but can't even get out of the drive and my 2 little Border Terriers keep getting lost in the snow drifts lol.xx

  3. Whats wrong with it, love snow, especially sat under a handmade quilt with dogs watching other people clearing snow outside. Know what you mean about paper, be ruthless & get it in bin. Love Sandra x