Tuesday, 30 November 2010


This weeks challenge is congratulations so Ive done a wedding card terrible pictures I'm afraid just couldn't get it right its the light I think. the paper is a papermania one, with a string of butterflies in an embossed gold card the heart is layered up in decreasing size in gold and cream card an organza ribbon tied round the bottom I promise it looks better in the flesh. Everything is available from http://www.craftden.co.uk/
Well what about the weather then Ive been marooned all day not been to work and neither has Helen we just hope our old ladies didn't make an effort to come out we feel soooo guilty but its about 8 inches or even more now and I dare not look out of the window I thought I would craft but all I do is keep going to the window
Where I have moved to is high I didn't realize how much difference it would make sorry Sandra and Ann thought you were exaggerating its the first time in 30 odd years of work that its beaten me and I cant quite believe it.In fact old Harry Graition from look north is at the Norton and its horrendous poor chap mind you all the local nutters in tee shirts were dancing about behind him WHY, WHY, do people do that it just makes them look deranged lol
Sara and James got home okay a bit dicey at the bottom of Woodseats road and never want to do it again but no snow in Berkshire lucky them. Alicia walked in to work through meersbrook park deserted this morning at 7am, tonight as she walked home it was full of kids sledging in the dark lol. Right I'm shutting up now at long last no one to talk to sad eh lol x


  1. Gosh Sue!!! You do moan!!!! lol

    Love the card the papers are lovely!! Chanelle xx

  2. I know the feeling I'm alone this week too and I live at the top of a hill so you feel completely shut off. I talk to the dogs. That made me laugh about the local nutters I saw it too so know what you mean.
    By the way beautiful card, love the heart.
    Pat xx

  3. Gorgeous card Sue.

    I couldn't make this weeks challenge because I have no where to craft at the mo.

    I hate snow! I have had to go to work so it just makes lift difficult.

    Love Kerryxx

  4. Lovely card Sue.
    You see it's no exaggeration living up here on them there hills.... looks like we gonna be snowed in for a while... It hasn't let up today.... don't think we'd have made it to hillsborough. xoxox Ann

  5. I'm with you Sue moan all you want, I hate being shut up indoors.

    Gorgeous card, lovely papers.xxx

  6. Great card Sue. Think we are going to be snowed in for a while. Love Sandra x

  7. Beautiful card Sue. Hope you can get out soon. Take care, Love Lynne xx

  8. Those nutters, can only happen in Sheffield. I saw Harry, I thought he'd gone grey overnight with having to come to Sheffield, we call the programme look leeds, then realised it was the snow. We live one mile up a steep hill and it's now so deep. Glad Im retired, I can just turn over in bed tomorrow morning and think of you all struggling to get to work. Great card, by the way

  9. lovely card, get out and make some snowmen, great for a scrapbook layout! I am afraid I love it and I have just taken an hour to walk home from Lynne's! I would love to get snowed off work, but working from home makes that a bit hard, LOL. Hope you find some lovely crafting time tomorrow, or you have a sudden thaw, K x

  10. Great card. Love the gold. :) Oh, goodness you do have a lot of snow.. not that much this side of the Pennines, yet! Keep warm. Gez.xx

  11. Lovely card Sue, Gosh you do have a lot of snow, we have been lucky and haven't had that much. The problem we have is the ice.