Friday, 5 November 2010

Another Wedding Scrapbook Page

Here's another page is this getting boring now? This is the order of service and the menu. Sara and James printed and decorated the order of service but had the menus printed elsewhere.
This time the backing paper is brown bazzil and another Paris nights paper. The flowers and butterflies are spritzed with gold shimmer and edged in old faithful frayed burlap and that's all there is to it.
At this moment Ive got Bugsy Malone on film 4 hopefully drowning out the fireworks so Link wont hear them oops its obviously not loud enough there he goes barking and racing all over like something demented. I love this film so many famous faces Jodie Foster as Tallulah and Scott Biao as Bugsy priceless, great memories of the late 70s of a long gone teenager lol mind you the girls loved it too when it was on telly so much they bought the DVD and CD so maybe I'm not so weird. Anyway I better see if I can keep link calm!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend x


  1. Another stunning page (and you now I don;t used that word lightly, lol), love the use of the music paper as the background, and I think the menu is brilliant, I would have enjoyed ever morsel of that meal. xx

  2. A gorgeous page and menu as is the man on your side bar whoever he is. Like Ann love the music paper as background.
    Pat xx

  3. Gorgeous Sue, love how you have kept it simple and let the keepsakes speak for themselves! Love it!

    Love Kerry xxx

  4. I never Get bored of looking at your creations, Sara and james are going to love it.The musical paper is beautiful. See you Sunday. Love Sandra x

  5. Its not boring, its interesting and very beautiful and elegant too.
    Also this one would fit with this weeks dezinaworld challenge if you wanted to enter it
    Hugs June xxxx

  6. Another fabulous page to what is going to be a beautiful keepsake for Sara and James. Have a great weekend Sue. Love Lynne xx

  7. Not boring at all, it's beautiful, and it's a lovely reminder of a lovely day... Thank you for my birthday card, hoping to blog em tomorra, if Ivan takes some phot's for me.. xoxox Ann

  8. Hi Sue, another great page ! more down how many more left to go? LOL

  9. Back to normal now and blogging!!! Some beautiful pages Sue especially love the Beauty and wow she looks so elegant!!!

    Sorry it's taken so long to comment but after Sunday my feet where so swollen I havn't even been to work!! Ha Ha

    Love Chanelle xx