Tuesday, 10 May 2011

oh those detested dresses

Oh how the girls hated these VERY expensive M&S dresses I on the other hand loved them

They were a lovely soft material, lovely small flower pattern, beautiful vintage lace collar and buttons oh how I loved to see them in them all spruced up shiny shoes and woolly tights,BUT they hated them detested them never wanted to wear them especially for a school photo lol.
I thought I would scrap these photos (school ones you would never guess would you) as a constant reminder to them of the BEAUTIFUL dresses I used to make them wear.
This L/O is another one I never finished so I am feeling very righteous at the moment The papers are K&co Madelaine which are so vintage looking just like those dresses ha ha. xx


  1. HATE those dresses, but lovely page mum. You really have worked a miracle making that picture look wonderful! Great work mum - as always! Lissy x

  2. I know what you mean! My daughter didn't always like the stuff I bought for her, what battles were had, lol. But your girls looks gorgeous, I love those little collars and a beautiful layout. Just love the sentiment.

  3. Another WOW layout! wonderful photo's too, I love the little lace flower really brings out those dreadful (sorry did I type that out loud) I mean fab collars lol... joking aside a amazing layout you have done those photo's proud!!

  4. Hi Sue - I LOVE your Scrapbook layouts! - Yes I remember VERY well the dresses my Mum used to make me wear & the arguments that followed! Now I can make my daughter wear what I want! - Shes only 3, so no arguments so far. haha

  5. Lovely layout Sue, what a great topic, it's lovely to SB older memories and you have done those lovely dresses justice, love the lace and the doily. I am sure Emma will be just the same about what I dress her in but I think she looks lovely! Mind you the horrors my mum used to put me in..... K x

  6. Gorgeous layout, love the lace. I remember I had a dress very much like that when I was little, it was my party dress and I loved it!!!!