Friday, 15 October 2010

way hay at last

I'm so excited we have planning permission at last its been nearly 3 months but its worth the wait, just have to sort out party wall thingy whatever, cant remember it name but it must all be done correctly. So that's the up date here hmm shall I look at appliances or is that premature oh I could rip out the units, no, no, no, slow down lol watch this space things are going to move now xx


  1. Thats fantastic news Sue and as you say well worth the wait. I am really pleased for you.
    I would want to rip out the units too! I bet you feel like you just want to get on with it NOW! lol

    Have a great weekend. Lynne xx

  2. Good news, well worth the wait I'm sure, yeah, go and look at appliances, but just don't buy, oh forgot, you are a girl and we can't just go and look can we, lol. xx

  3. Fabulous news Sue!!!!
    Bet you can't wait just make sure you only window shop as you will need all the measurements!!!!!!

    Love Chanelle xxx

  4. Brill news Sue I wouldn't be able to wait and go and look at appliances either.
    Pat xx

  5. Great news Sue, You must be very excited. I would be going to look at appliances if I was you. Love sandra x

  6. So pleased for you Sue, bet you ca't wait to get stuck in and why not go shopping for all those appliances you want, look forward to hearing more. xoxo Ann