Sunday, 26 September 2010

visitors for the weekend

Sara will kill me for this photo she had just got out of bed. What a weekend I'm shattered link is upstairs shattered and sulking we have had Sara and James for the weekend not that you would recognise her she has gone RED not sure about it but she likes it its a change hmmmm. They brought Delilah, OH MY WORD she was all over the place mad absolutely mad beautiful but mad she is 3 months old, Link is coming up 7 yrs old it was like a 50 yr old bloke (a miserable one) being chased constantly by a toddler he was pleased to see her go home he positively sighed with relief lol mind you I did, I WILL NEVER HAVE A PUPPY NEVER . It was great to see them I do miss them but they have got their hands full.What a cutie


  1. My goodness Sue she is adorable and has that butter wouldn't melt look!!!!!

    Hope you are ok and have a good rest now they have gone!!!!, especially links can guess what he was like Dusty is the same when Summer comes god help her when she's crawling!!! Love Chanelle xx

  2. certainly is a cutie hope you didn't have too many puddles on your nice new carpets.
    Pat xx

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog Sue. I am very excited about being on the DT.

    Delilah is such a cutie. We had max from pup and he was hard work, but it is worth it in the end.

    Glad you are talking to me... just xxx

  4. Awe, she looks gorgeous, what a beautiful colour she is. Sounds as though Link will have to get used to Delilah. xx

  5. Oh she's so beautiful. Poor Link though. Hope he got a good rest when she'd gone. Love sandra x