Monday, 6 September 2010

before during and............well that's for later

This was my craft room on sat morning before Alicia got her bossy hands on it mind you I do need a kick up the lol They have done a fabulous job, that horrible curtain has gone. The table is still there that's my craft table its a mess but it is the right height and you can get loads on it
this is the spare room (see below) piled high with stuff and all I have to do is get it put away in the new craft room which I will unveil in a couple of days but how much stuff is there!! That's quite bad really no really it is somewhere in there are my clothes didn't think to remove them lol. I now have shelves and nice thingies from ikea for my punches and pots for flowers and errrrr oh plastic see through boxes so I can see my bits and bobs so although its not as posh as it was going to be, its great (didn't want to spend the money) just need to find something to put my stamps in so they don't get crushed and damaged and so I can see them, nothing more annoying than finding you have three of the same stamp!!! been known to happen x


  1. Looking forward to seeing it finished, i'm still working on Ivan to get my craft room sorted. xoxox Ann

  2. Can't wait to see the unveiling Sue!!!

    Bet you can't wait so you can craft your little heart out!

    Love Chanelle xx