Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What I do is.............

One or two peeps have asked how I did the distress ink colouring well I do it like this and its probably not right but hey ho here goes (no photos I'm afraid) all items except watercolour paper from Lynne at http://craftden.co.uk

1 stamp image onto watercolour card with archival ink

2 wet paper inside image before painting this is important

3 I use an ordinary paintbrush set I bought from tesco but use what works for you
I take the colour straight from the distress pad on a damp brush using the back of my left hand to dry off a too wet brush I tend to get a chapped hand ha ha

4 start coloring at edges then drag colour across the image keeping depth at edges and blend blend getting lighter toward the centre until you get the desired effect a case of practice makes perfect or at least better lol. sometimes I have to keep the card quite wet but not sopping wet

I hope this helps but the new Magnolia mag ( Lynne is a stockist) is supposed to have a proper professional instructional tutorial which will have a much better finished article xx


  1. Very helpful Sue, think I might give it a try. Thanks for sharing. Love Sandra x

  2. Thanks Sue. I love to paint when I was a kid especially those magic colouring books...lol ! Yours look so well shaded.., thanks for sharing! Does the archival inknot run when you wet it? Sorry I keep asking lots of questions! I'm going to get myself some water paper and give it a go. You have inspired me xx

  3. excellent thanks so much for the clear tutorial
    hugs June xxx

  4. Thanks Sue! I want to give it a go xx

  5. Must pop and get some watercolour card and have a go thanks Sue!!!

  6. Thank you for the tuition Sue that is very useful and a good idea for sharing techniques. Like colouring in painting is very therapeutic.Hugs Pat xx

  7. Great tutorial Sue. Have a good weekend