Saturday, 28 November 2009

who won't craft? look at the mess

Not very clear pics I'm afraid but you'll get the idea,
This is Holly crafting this afternoon she was so impressed with Alicia's cards she wanted to make some herself so out came the copics the magnolias and lots of mess in my lovely tidy dinning room look at it. We have people coming on Mon to look at the house!!!!!!!! EEK!! major tidy here I think. Anyway these are the cards she has made today I had to wrestle her away to have her tea and this is a girl who couldn't see the attraction in crafting
Not bad for a non crafter but I think they are both hooked
Lynne( you had better make sure you have a good supply of both lol x


  1. Well Sue, what you gonna do? They are going to take over all your crafting stash. These cards are gorgeous, as I'v said before, they must get their talent from you.xx

  2. Oh no looks like a lot of competition on Wednesday night!!!! lol The cards Holly has made are all beautifully coloured your girls are very talented think you need to start locking your stash up!! lol xx See you all on Wednesday x

  3. She looks like she's well hooked. Great cards. I would be locking my stash away if I was you.Love Sandra x

  4. Hi Sue you have some very talented girls!! I am reeling a bit at the HUGE bundles of copics though, LOL!

  5. Looks like she was having great fun Sue, my desk quite often looks like that!