Sunday, 25 October 2009

birthday boy

Its linky loos birthday tomorrow he will be 6 years old.
I cant believe it he is loved sooooooooooo much even though he is quite deranged( hates the postwoman and buses) I've made a quick card for him and the pages are from last year when he was having a cuddle with Holly.
Happy birthday link and many more of them mwah xxxxx we love you, you mad crazy pooch


  1. Hope linky has a great birthday with cake and stuff!!! Love the layouts he looks like butter wouldn't melt xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Linky. What a cutie. He looks so angelic on his photo. He will love his card I'm sure. Glad to see somebody else sends their dogs Birthday cards. Hope he's got a nice present too. Love Sandra x

  3. Thought I was the only one who celebrated the dogs birthdays, pleased to know I have got company.
    Happy birthday to Linky hope he has a good one and no chocs not good for dogs. Love his card by the way.
    Love Pat x

  4. Love the card Sue, do I recognise the stamp around the top? Hope linky appreciates all the work that's gone into the card!!!!! xx

  5. Great card Sue. Has Link got a cake with 6 candles? Lynne xx

  6. Oh what fab LOs Sue, he is so cute and looks like a right character. I hope he had a great birthday