Tuesday, 13 October 2009

6 halloween cards to do!!!

I don't do Halloween Ive always been a killjoy as my girls will tell you,(mind you they always went trick or treating) there are only 34 houses on our street and at that time about 16 kids all under 10 and they always went round the street with at least 2 adults to every house trick or treating and every house gave them something including me but I didn't like it!!
I have done these cards for Sarah and jay there are 4 more for Alicia and Joe and Holly and Sam the girls will love them the boys will think Ive lost the plot!! (might have a point there). Anyway better go and finish the next lot


  1. These a good Sue,love the use of black, it's really effective, i'msure they will like them. xx

  2. Oh these are fab Sue, I love the colour combos you have used and the images are far too cute to be scary!

  3. I love them...the ribbon and fibres look great!