Thursday, 9 July 2009

thank you my friends.

last night when I arrived at my craft den craft night I was presented with birthday cards and a cake to say I was thrilled and touched is an underestimate. It was actually my birthday last week but I failed to mention it and was very soundly told off!!
so thanks to everyone for the cake and lovely cards
lynne, sarah, Ann B
Chanelle, pat, Anne G
Sandra, mo, Gill

THANKS AGAIN TO ALL THE GIRLS when you get to my age things like this mean alot


  1. Glad you liked your cards and Cake Sue xx well like you said last night you got to celebrate twice!!! see you later xx

  2. Any excuse to eat cake, not just any cake it's an M&S cake. Glad you liked all your cards. Love Sandra x

  3. happy belated birthday Sue!