Monday, 20 June 2011

quick visual catch up

From this To this

To this no electricity on yet and the hob needs conecting thats why the drawer is open. From this To this

Its coming on now. The drawer has a bit missing its being sent on lol xx


  1. Gorgeous Sue,well worth the trouble

  2. oh wow hun this looks amazing,gosh how i would love love a kitchen like this,hugs cherylxxxx

  3. Oh wow it's beautiful. So fresh looking. Not seen you or your mum for ages. We will have to come on a wednesday night craft class to see you both. Love Sandra x

  4. Well your kitchen is look fantastic, well worth the wait and all the mess. Hope you are feeling a bit better, we miss you on a Wednesday xx

  5. wow that is looking fantastic!! looking forward to the invite for the extension warming party, LOL, K x

  6. Wow what a wonderful kitchen if it was me I wouldn't want to use it I would want to keep it pristine LOL but then I have OCD.
    We were wondering today what had happened to you, been at Ann's today.xx

  7. Hi Sue, wow its coming along, looks fabulous! Thank you for following my Mum's blog. She is just starting her blog.
    Hope you are well