Thursday, 21 April 2011

by popular demand!

Here I have uploaded a load of photos of the extension (Kathryn and Tamara lol) The weather has been excellent and the builders have been great the first 10 days seemed to drag as there was nothing to see coz they had to re site a drain but once that was done they really seemed to crack on I hope you can sort of see whats going on
week 2 this will be the kitchen (looking from the back door) and on the left side is a cloakroom

week 3 Oh things are moving now we have bricks this is the kitchen but from the garden now

week 3 (end of week) wow cookin on gas now, double door gap and a large picture window at side

week 2 down the side where the laundry room and cloakroom will be

the laundry room but not knocked through yet

and end of week 3 on the side no roof struts yet here but a slopping roof too going on BUT the piece d'resistance most people have a porch or even a front door I have a PORTALOO very tasteful very decorous.

Hope you have enjoyed the little trip round my build next time I'll include the patio area and the drive

The first week in May the old kitchen comes out so I will really be roughing it then lol, no sink no hob not had an oven since July so no change there. When its finished I shall never use a microwave again. Happy easter to everyone xx


  1. Hello Sue, It will be lovely once it's all finished...but then there's the tidy up and all that dust...happy days eh? LOL! Looking forward to creating with you on the DT at anything goes, I'm so excited...hugs Annie xXx

  2. Oooooooooo it's really coming along fine, bet you'e so excited. Have a lovely Easter weekend xx

  3. Wow! Sue its all looking great and so exicting, I bet you can't believe it after such a long wait.

    Have a great weekend hope the Easter bunny calls. Love and hugs Lynnen xx

  4. Hi Sue, Wow its coming around nicely now, I bet you can't wait for it to be completed. Thank you for the photo's I can see a few scrapbook pages coming about using these pic's.
    Happy Easter

  5. It's really getting there now I bet you can't wait, hope the weather stays fine for you and the builders.
    Have a good Easter and not too many choc eggs.xx

  6. Ooh it will be so lovely and worth it, thanks for the piccies! K x