Monday, 30 August 2010

just chillin on a bank holiday

Did myself a bit of therapy yesterday and this afternoon. I've coloured a few images I've stamped, very therapeutic mind you I should have been ironing my uniform for work yesterday lets say I looked a bit creased at 7am today oops (am i bovered??) but colouring was less stressful and this afternoon I just carried on Holly had link for the day, Alicia and Joe popped round to take him out tonight after tea, so he's happy and I'm totally chilled which makes a change lol I have even done the dt work for the anything goes challenge tomorrow dont faint
just got to remember to load it tomorrow x


  1. Love the colouring, and I adore the little baby and the one with the microphone. Sorry you've got to work, but someone had to pay for all your crafting stash, lol. xx

  2. I love to just sit colouring my images too Sue - really relaxing. They all look great anyway so the next thing you need to do is make the cards!!! I can't see any Christmas images though Sue!?! lol

    Love Kerry xxx

  3. Love the one with the microphone. Sounds like a lovely day, just sat colouring. Not seen you for ages. Hope to see you soon. Love Sandra x

  4. Know exactly the feeling, crafting always comes before ironing uniforms xoxo Ann