Monday, 5 July 2010

MOVING IN AT LAST WAY HAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thurs is moving day all being well,if it all goes to plan.
I have had a weekend and a half I've bought a washing machine a new fangled telly and a fridge, organised new house insurance trying to organise council tax but they are busy at the moment I've decided to wait till I get in to order a new suite coz of sizes of doors etc and this new house is now the size of a shoe box in my mind.SO anyway Mums got the flags out (I could be hurt) she has just said I'm not hoovering round this table again till its gone I think the stress is showing lol. I shall not have time to craft for the next couple of weeks so I have stored up a few things (forgot about them actually)and I shall post them as and when I get bored of seeing the same post every day on my blog and so you all think I'm so industrious ha ha x


  1. Wow!!! hope things go well will keep everything crossed!!!! It will be lovely to have all new toys to play with!! but will you remember how to use them all!!! lol

    See you soon Chanelle xx

  2. I bet you can't wait, you must be so excited. Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog, all my comments mean so much to me, always get excited when I see one. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Thursday. Hope it all runs to plan. Love Sandra x

  3. Woohoo, at long last, bet you thought this day would never come, I'm really pleased for you Sue, will you have a dedicated craft room I wonder???? New telly, new washer, new suite, well done girl you deserve it. xx

  4. Hi Sue,

    Not seen you in ages. I hope all goes well Thursday for you. You are on the home stretch now!!

    See you soon.

    Love Kerry xx

  5. wayhey, great news, you must ready, but you will miss all the lovely home comforts!! looking forward to the things you have saved for us, lol K x

  6. Wow fantastic I bet you can't wait to be in your own home again and all these new things. Hope everything goes according to plan on Thurs, will it be just you and the dog.
    Pat xx

  7. I'm trusting everything went ok with the move, it takes time to settle in. As i've said before you've got some lovely new neighbours, look forward to hearing all about it xoxox Ann