Saturday, 8 August 2009

"oh Holly"

I love my girls so much they are my life and soul, BUT why do they say can I have a card one of the girlie ones (gorguss girls).Yes I say no probs when, "tomorrow morning"(if I'm lucky)they say mind you, has been known for NOW!!!!!
Holly asked for an 18th birthday card last night at 7.30 this was my effort as she wanted it this morning.I hope her friend liked it .
No pressure then eh? Don't ya love em lol


  1. This is beautiful Sue, as always. Lovely colours and embellishments. I bet Holly's friend absolutely adored it. Daughters, eh...xx

  2. Love the card Sue!! As a rush job it's so beautiful I think they are all the same expect you to have a stash of ready made cards xx

  3. Great card again Sue. Love the colours of those daisy bucket papers.Holly's friend will love it I'm sure. Love Sandra x