Sunday, 10 May 2009

Piglet flu !!!!

I've got piglet flu not quite swine flu but one down from it. so in order to survive I've done some scrapbooking here are the results holly will have a mega fit when she sees the colour and ghds one but i am her mother and i can do as I want as I'm about to shuffle off my mortal coil {die in other words lol}

The grey and black page is my CREDIT CRUNCH scrap. Wallpaper cut out and stuck on bazzil card outlined in glossy accents, free sample wallpapers from B&Q and homebase {may not be acid free though so not used an original pic}


  1. Love the pages, I might just have to make a visit to B & Q!!!!

  2. Hope you're not really gonna pop off... hope the 'flu' has flown ... l.o.l.

  3. Great pages, especially the B & Q freebie x Hope you are better for Wednesday x

  4. Hi-im loving your 'credit crunch scrap'it looks so fab.I love it.
    Im blog hopping and i had a fit when i saw my hubby on your left column.I nearly fell of my chair peeing myself and he saw it !!!! ha ha He hasnt read my blog today up until now!!!
    Thankyou for putting me in your blog list.The pressures on now to keep up with it
    Hugs Debbie xxx